Overview of the Electricity Expo Moscow 2024

Electricity Expo Moscow 2024 will be conducted from 4th June to 7th June 2024 in EXPOCENTR, Moscow, Russia. This edition of the power electronics sector of Eastern Europe is one of the biggest professional meetings that reaches the 49th year. The expos, which span almost 50 years of history and draw the biggest guns in the global industry, are hosted annually.

Electricity Expo Moscow

Date and Location

Happening at the iconic EXPOCENTR in Moscow next year, the 2024 expo is known for its large capacity and central location. This four day event gives companies an ultimate platform to exhibit the latest in power electronics ranging from the smallest of components to the largest of system solutions.

Significance of the Expo in the Power Electronics Industry

This expo is one of the most important events for any power electronics professional as it provides a great platform for networking, exchanging knowledge and doing business. In 2018, 13,529 industry professionals from 18 countries had the opportunity to connect with 226 exhibiting companies on the global stage that is the power electronics market. Increasing attendance and exhibitor numbers each year indicate the expo remains an important crossroads for industry professionals, engineers, decision makers to establish partnerships and help drive technology forward.

Significance of the Expo in the Power Electronics Industry

Participating Companies

Best for global power electronics companies The Electricity Expo Moscow 2024 It is one of the most important platforms for displaying innovations, closing business deals, and forming collaborative relationships. A total of 226 companies from around the world displayed their products on 15,000 sq m of exhibition space last year, with industry leaders such as BMW and Vizio sharing the floor with lesser-known firms.


Profile of Major Exhibitors

The event is host to major brands that have stamped there mark on the power electronics market. Exhibitors such as ZETA, which targets electrical installation products, and Chint Electric, which as a regular at Elektro uses the expo to increase awareness of their brands and reach the market. The major players are showing new technologies and solutions that are influencing the trends and customer expectations in this market. For such companies, it is a major platform for big annoucements and product debuts.

New Entrants and Innovations at the Expo

The expo is additionally a presentation material for new participants needing to sparkle in the Power Electronics industry. And that broadens their ability of mainstreaming new technologies, where these newcomers bring in new dimensions and new ways of finding hard challenges. Last year, for example, fewer new exhibitors, such as Solar Energy products, and Smart Energy Solutions came to market, indicative of an industry trend towards sustainability and smart energy systems. Its innovations not only attract potential investors and partners, but also establish new benchmarks for power electronics efficiency and sustainability.

Networking Opportunities for Businesses

A highlight of the Electricity Expo Moscow is an extensive networking with CEOs, managers and specialists in the industry from all over the world. Featuring a 97% advocate rate among visitors recommending colleagues to attend the expo, the ground for building business relationships and shared activities is set. Participants can enjoy a host of networking events, workshops, and seminars specifically designed to spark introductions and conversation between industry colleagues. These will lay the foundation of the connections which will in many cases bear fruit and are essential to the successful growth of a business and presence in the international market.

THOR Achievements in Power Electronics

At THOR, we like to think that we are leading the charge in power electronics. A relentless pursuit of innovation and quality have made us stand out — as well as our notable milestones that redefine the business to a later standard.

Milestones in Product Development and Innovation

Our path is paved with the advances of the key products that made us: revolutionising power electronics. One example of this was the introduction of our line of premium surge protection devices.It is devices like these that have been a key component in safeguarding sensitive electronic equipment within an industrial environment, reducing down time and servicing costs. At the last expo, we launched our flagship model, which was highly praised for its unique design and good performance.

Milestones in Product Development and Innovation

Case Studies of THOR's Impact on the Industry

THOR has partnered with world-class utilities and infrastructure companies that, along with the high-quality of the platform itself, has helped it to positively impact the industry. We have carried out our own tests using our lightning protection system in several projects, proving its effectiveness in practice. 

Our technology has refreshed the legacy bringing higher safety and robustness to the problems that lightning throws our way. Our dedication to innovation and high standards of lightning protection have helped to define new industry standards.

Future Directions and Growth Plans

Going forward, THOR remains committed to leading the industry in power electronics and is concentrated on innovations that provide sustainable and intelligent energy solutions. We are expanding our R&D activities in solar energy and battery storage systems to keep pace with the growing demand for renewable energy. To present these new technologies during the next Electricity Expo, and the beginning of a greener and more efficient future. We innovate constantly in order to make sure we meet the requirements of the market today and be ready for future challenges and opportunities.