The new version of GB/T 21431 national standard publicity and implementation meeting was successfully held

New version of GB/T 21431 national standard

Publicity and Implementation Interpretation Meeting

From November 2 to November 3, 2023, the new version of GB/T 21431 "Technical Specifications for Testing of Lightning Protection Devices in Buildings" national standard promotion and implementation meeting organized by the National Lightning Protection Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC 258) was successfully held in Nanjing held. More than 150 industry insiders from regulatory authorities, lightning protection centers, testing institutions and product companies (including Thor Electric) and other relevant units attended the meeting.

The Shanghai Meteorological Disaster Prevention Technology Center conducted an in-depth interpretation of the revision background of the standard, main changes in the old and new versions, terms and definitions, testing classifications and projects, basic requirements for testing, surge protector (SPD) requirements and methods, etc., and According to the needs of the participants, the key requirements for lightning protection device testing qualification institutions to apply for CNAS accreditation were explained.

The Shanghai Lightning Arrester Testing Station interpreted the revised direction, requirements and testing methods of testing items such as air terminals, down conductors, grounding devices, lightning protection equipotential connections, etc. one by one, and combined with actual cases, problems that may arise during the testing process Focus on analyzing the knowledge points.

Professors from Shanghai University gave a detailed and vivid explanation of the principles, requirements and testing methods of testing items such as magnetic shielding and surge protectors (including SSDs) in the standard. New additions to the lightning electromagnetic pulse magnetic field and the minimum instantaneous operating current breaking time of SSDs were added. The test methods have undergone focused interpretation, analysis and on-site practical training.

This meeting provided an in-depth interpretation of the new version of the GB/T 21431 national standard from various dimensions such as policy, theory, and practice. It was rich in content and won unanimous praise from the participants. The meeting completed the set agenda and achieved a complete success.