Signal Surge Protection

FL10 type coaxial surge protectors

Product introduction

TRSW-FL10 coaxial antenna-fed lightning protection device (SPD, surge protector) can prevent damage to the antenna and transceiver equipment caused by the feeder induced lightning overvoltage. It is suitable for satellite wireless communications, mobile base stations, microwave communications, broadcast television, etc. The surge protection of the coaxial antenna feeder system signal is installed in the lightning protection zone LPZ 0 A-1 and subsequent zones. The product is packaged in a shielded shell and has a built-in high-quality high-speed overvoltage protection device, which has an efficient protection and defense function for the lightning high-voltage pulse induced on the antenna feeder line.

Functional characteristics of antenna feeder lightning arrester:

1. The standing wave ratio is small, and the insertion loss is low (≤0.2 db);

2. High transmission rate and wide frequency range of use;

3. When lightning strikes and surges invade, there is no need to stop the electrical equipment, and it does not affect the normal operation of the normal equipment;

4. A variety of connectors are available.

Installation method of antenna feeder lightning arrester:

1. In order to reliably prevent lightning attacks, an antenna-fed lightning arrester can be connected in series to the antenna output end and the input end of the protected equipment.

In areas with less lightning, if the antenna does not have an amplifier, you can also use only one antenna.

2. Solder the wire lug on the lightning protection device to the shortest possible ground wire (the cross-sectional area of the wire is not less than 2.5 mm 2 ), and the other end is connected to the lightning protection system

The system grounding bus is connected reliably, and the grounding resistance is not more than 4Ω.

3. When using the sky-fed lightning arrester outdoors, you must pay attention to rain, and must not allow rainwater to penetrate into it and cause corrosion damage.

4. This product does not require special maintenance. When the system fails, the lightning arrester can be removed and then checked. If it is restored to the pre-use

After the status, the system returns to normal, it means that the lightning arrester has been damaged and must be replaced immediately.

Attentions for the installation of antenna feeder lightning arrester:

1. This series of lightning arresters does not divide the input and output terminals, and any port can be connected to the protected equipment;

2. Do not connect the positive and negative lines reversely or wrongly, and remember not to work with electricity;

3. The closer the lightning protection device is installed to the front end of the protected equipment, the better the effect;

4. The equipment needs to be inspected regularly, and the product must be replaced immediately after deterioration;

5. The grounding must be good and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4 ohms.